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Super Demolition is a family owned and managed company established in Sydney NSW. The owners and contractors for Super Demolition have over 15 years experience in the safe and successful demolition of residential, commercial and industrial structures. Super Demolition is working with the major building companies and has done jobs with clients who built their homes with Champion Homes, Masterton Homes, King Homes, Kurmond homes and Metricon Homes etc. We have gained experience with the special requirements the owners and bordering neighbours request, ensuring all parties are happy.

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We at Super Demolition own and operate our own machinery, including a heavy haulage truck for relocating and moving our machines. Our staff and contractors comply with WorkCover requirements to Australian Standard 2601-2001. We are also members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association). Our prices are very competitive and ask that you consider us for your next quotation on any demolition or excavation project arising in the near future. We welcome any enquiries you may have about our company or services, and look forward to hearing from you.

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Super Demolition is dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment
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