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Terms and Conditions

          1. Council Approval

            All demolition and asbestos removal work are subject to Council Approval, either directly throughyour local council, or an independent Private Certifier. We will fill out all forms required for approval and email to you for your submission. Should you choose to use our Private Certifier, we will submit the paperwork and forms on your behalf saving you time and ensuring there are no errors or delays

          2. Utilities Disconnection (Water, Electricity, NBN, Gas and Phone)

            Disconnection of all utilities are to be signed off by the customer/title owner. We will assist with all disconnections to save you time and money by organising the correct methods for each service required. If the customer chooses to organise the disconnection of any service/s and fails to havethis completed prior to the demolition work commencing, Super Demolition P/L will charge $1250 + gst for delays and staff down time. In some cases, there are homes that have power connection underground, or between street posts. In these situations, there will be an extra charge for the disconnection of the service, which will either include a cherry picker or more time.If there is more than one (1) electrical meter, then an additional cost will be added for each meter removed.

          3. Underground Services

            Owner responsibility to provide us with a copy of any underground service associated with your property. You can obtain this from Dial-before-You-Dig and maintain a copy on site during demolition. Whilst Super Demolition P/L will take care during the demolition process, we cannot accept any liability for services running under or within 300mm of the front fence footings and/or foundations. Any damage to services, Telstra pits, NBN, Electrical boxes, Easements will need to be repaired and/or costs borne by the customer/title owner. Super Demolition P/L will not take any responsibility for services not noted on underground service paperwork or changes in mapping and locating.

          4. Access To Site – 3.5 Metre Clearance

            Our machines and trucks require a minimum of 3.5 metre clearance to access the site safely and minimise damage. The customer/title owner must ensure the water meter, Telstra pit, Electrical box or any other Utility/items are clear from the access path. Super Demolition P/L will ensure all care is taken, but will not be held responsible for any damage/s which may occur with limited access.

          5. Tree Removal

            Super Demolition P/L requires a copy of any approval for tree removal, including nature strip trees. Tree protection must be erected prior to any demolition work if council or DA approval states this as a requirement. Trees to be removed along the boundary fence or on the council strip that have a possibility of causing damage, Super Demolition P/L will not be held liable for any root and stump damage. This includes neighbouring fences, retaining walls, services or utilities, swimming pools and adjoining houses and/or properties but not limited to. With any tree removal and removal of the root ball and root system, Super Demolition P/L cannot guaranteethat no damage will be caused due to the nature of the work. Shrubs and Bushes are defined as being no more than 3 metres tall and within 3 metres of the existing building, unless specifically mentioned on the quotation. Tree removal subject to council approval and separate price.

          6. Footpaths, Kerb, Gutter And Driveways

            Super Demolition P/L will take all necessary precautions to minimise the risk of any damage to footpaths, kerb and gutter, and driveways, including storm water pipes, easements, and any undisclosed underground services, including but not limited to gas, water, electricity, NBN, phone/cable and Telstra pits. Super Demolition P/L accepts no responsibility for any damages or repairs, due to the weight and nature of operating heavy machinery and trucks to perform the contracted work

          7. Concealed Materials

            Any material/s that have been concealed or buried and not brought to our attention or unknown given the age of the building, additional costs will be charged to the customer/title owner based on what is uncovered. We will inform you as soon as any material is uncovered and seek your instructions. If you cannot decide, or cannot visit the site at the time of exposure, Super Demolition P/L we will be required to leave the site and charge you $2,550 + gst for delay charges and staff downtime. This includes machine, trucks and staff. If the concealed material is to be left on site, a Clearance Certificate cannot be issued upon completion of the demolition work in the scope of works. All money outstanding will be required to be paid in full before the customer/client can take possession of the property.
            Asbestos behind the brick walls will be extra charge.


              • Removal of any Concrete piers not included in our quotation
              • Any footing more than standard size will be extra charge
              • Standard size for the footing 300mmx300mm


        1. Disposal Of Hazerdous Material

          All Asbestos and hazardous material will be removed in accordance with OH&S rules and regulations. All material removed from the job site are disposed of at an approved EPA waste facility. Please note: We cannot and will not bury hazardous material on site, including Asbestos, paint, oil etc.

        2. Demolition Debris

          All building material is removed from the demolition job site. Demolition Debris is defined as small broken bricks, concrete tiles and demolition rubble left over from the shaker bucket during the sifting stage. This is performed to minimise soil and clay being removed from site and altering your Real Level (RL’s) or natural levels. This debris is considered building waste and remains on site, unless you require us to have is cut back and removed at an additional cost.

        3. Concrete Cutting

          Concrete cutting is performed when there is a possibility of damage caused to neighbouring or council property/s. This also includes brick fences and walls. During the site inspection, you will be informed if this service is required. If concrete cutting is required a setup fee of $280 + gst plus additional $50 per metre is charged. The customer/title owner has the option of providing their own contractor prior to demolition work. If there is a delay on behalf of the customer/title owner, Super Demolition P/L will charge $1250 + gst for delays and staff down time.

        4. Safety OH&S

          No items are to be removed from the house or property that will change the integrity of the structure and be deemed unsafe. No items, structures, windows, doors or floors are to be removed without prior consent from Super Demolition P/L, as this may cause hazards during demolition. Should you wish to have any items removed from the house or property, please advised Super Demolition P/L prior to any removal to avoid fees that have been deducted for recycling and or re-use. Any item removed without the consent of Super Demolition P/L will incur additional fees based on the items removed.

        5. Deposit, Payments, Costs And Completion

          There will be no refund for deposits made to Super Demolition P/L should the customer/title owner be rejected through council, or if there has been a change of mind or circumstance. The deposit will be absorbed and cover the administration costs, including notifications, applications, file processing and office/staffing time. Periodically, increases in tipping fees, EPA levies and CPI contribute to rising costs. Should there be a cost increase during the deposit stage of your project, we will inform you of any rising costs and pass these onto our customer/title owner. This quotation is subject to the provisions of the “Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW)”. Full payment is required upon completion of the contracted work. If there are any delays in payment, Super Demolition P/L will seek interest calculated daily on thetotal charge. 

        6. Keep Item At Site
          Any trees or structures you want to remain OR save on site owner to put up a Do Not Remove sign or ribbon on them before the demolition commences. Any items you want removed please spray a coloured X on them. Please note any personal items you wish to salvage must be removed OFFSITE as we will not be held responsible for removal/anything going missing.


        7. Disconnections, Planning and Rare Situations
          Please Note:
          • New Electrical Smarts Meters must be removed prior to demolition work by your service provider. We will advise you with this requirement should you have a new smart meter connected to your house
          • If you are unsure Gas is running into your property, please call Jemena on 1300 137 078 and they will provide you with the information. The disconnection of Gas lines may take up to 28 days. Please allow this time frame when planning your demolition work
          • NBN must be disconnected by your service provider and may also take up to 28 days for disconnection. Please allow this time frame when planning your demolition work
          • Three (3) Phase power disconnection or Flying Fox Power Line (Cable suspended between 2 power poles) will incur additional costs.
          • Concrete cutting is rarely required to separate any joined concrete from your property and your neighbours property to avoid any damage. This is very rare and if required will be an additional cost.
          • If your water meter is within the driveway access, you may be required to have this relocated to allow truck and deliveries onto your property. #.5 metre access is required for access by any demolition company and your builder.
          • Temporary Fencing is only hired for the duration of the demolition work unless stated in writing by us to be left on site for a longer period.

Super Demolition P/L is here to help organise and plan your demolition process to help minimise the work and effort on your part. Please ask us for any advice or information, or let usplan your demolition from start to finish.

Super Demolition P/L have all the licenses and insurances that are required to carry out both demolition and asbestos removal works on domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Copies of all certificates of currency and licenses are available upon request.

Demolition and asbestos removal are both dangerous and high risk works. The relevant licenses and insurances do not come cheap. So if you obtain a quote that seems far cheaper than a reputable company, this could be due to the fact that the contractor does not have the insurances and licenses that are required by law.

Whether you choose to use Super Demolition P/L or another contractor to carry out your works please ensure that they have the following and that you obtain copies prior to commencement.


Find out if you are really covered by asking for a SafeWork NSW Demolition
Licence, Asbestosremoval licence, Public Liability Insurance and Workers

Super Demolition P/L looks forward to working with you on your project.

Pool Removal if applicable

  • In ground concrete pool
  • Option one
    • Backfill the pool with clean soil and compacted by our machine only on site. Owner to empty pool before demolition
    • If fill is required please add $240.00 + GST per bogie load (please note approximately 14 loads to fill in a pool) please circle YES / NO before accepting the quote
  • Option Two
    • If a compaction test is required please add $900.00 + GST for 3 tests, please circle YES / NO before accepting the quote